We offer information, advice and advocacy to people with disabilities who have specific housing needs or problems. We work on a one to one basis, and our support is tailored to the individual. The service is FREE OF CHARGE. Please see some of our services below;


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We provide an Advocacy Service to our clients and can act on their behalf, upon request to ensure that their needs and aspirations are being expressed.

We aim to enable and empower our clients to find a solution to their needs as quickly as possible.

We offer one to one assistance, and can help with completing application forms, and can signpost clients to other agencies that may be able to help them further.


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We can help our clients adapt their existing homes to meet their every day needs.

We do this by working closely with Occupational Therapists, Landlords and Aberdeenshire Care & Repair.

Housing Law Advice  

We work with Shelter Scotland to provide up to date housing law advice to our clients.

Our staff have achieved Professional Developments Awards in this area so you can be assured that our advice is relevant and correct.

Some of the areas we provide advice on, are security of tenure, homelessness, repairs and improvements, disrepair, rent arrears, housing options and more.

Finding Rented Accomodation

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We can provide information on the types of rented accommodation in our clients areas of choice and can assist them to make applications to the Aberdeenshire Council or housing associations.

There are various different housing providers operating in Aberdeenshire, so we provide information and advice on how each of them allocate properties, and work with our clients to decide which providers to apply to.

It is crucial to us that we take into account our client’s requirements but also seek to be realistic as we need to be aware of the availability of current housing stock, as well as the demand on adapted properties.

Buying Accomodation  

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There are many buying options available to people with disabilities, including shared ownership with a housing association, or simply purchasing a property on the open market.

We work very closely with Housing Options Scotland, an agency which specialises in assisting people with disabilities to buy their own property.